Models 274-12B, 354-12B, 414-14B truck, trailer or stationary

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364-12B Forage Express


  • A lower center of gravity puts less shock load on the axle and springs when cornering or driving over rough terrain.
  • Patented double flighted upper auger working in conjunction with the ROTO-MIX hay processing system increases hay inclusion levels.
  • Short wheel base allows tight turns and easy maneuverability.
  • Stainless steel tub and end liners are available in 10 or 12 gauge material for extended mixer shell life.

Bring the freshness of the field
to your hay ration.

Forage Express showing discharge

Flaired tub side increases tumbling action with ration containing hay or other long stem forages. Single point latch system for increased accessability.

414-14B Forage Express

Rotor is equipped with spring tension bars which relieve pressure and eliminate wedging of bulky materials. The UHMW wiper blades are adjustable for fast, effective cleanout.

414-14B Forage Express Trailer Mount


Trailer models are mounted on heavy-duty tubular steel trailer frames, complete with built-in scale mountings. Heavy-duty eight- or ten-bolt hubs and spindles with a selection of tires for eight- and ten-hole wheels. The single pole trailer tongue is constructed of heavy wall tubing for a shorter turning radius. A sturdy rear bumper and an adjustable, replaceable trailer hitch clevis are also standard equipment.

Forage Express Model Lineup Forage Express Stationary
Electric Motor Drive

Electric motor drive.


Forage Express stationary units are equipped with the same quality mixing features as the truck and trailer mounted units. Forage Express Mixers are available in 3 sizes. Each are energy-efficient and suitable for overhead or ground-level installation. Their higher side discharge location allows easier loading of your conveyor or leg while maintaining a minimum mixer height.

Rotor and Auger Illustration

U.S. Patent Nos. 4,506,990 4,597,672 4,741,625
Canada Patent No. 1,249,262. Other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending.

A Better Way!
The ROTO-MIX® Forage Express Mixing System

The rotor lifts the feed past the wedging point of the lower side auger. This gives you a fluffier ration at lower power requirements. Total feed movement in the mixing chamber eliminates dead spots, pile-up in corners, and auger tunneling through feed, which are common in conventional auger mixers.

Your Benefits

More Nutritious

Conventional auger mixers crush, grind and mash all ingredients, which create more fines in the bunk…a waste of your feeding dollars. The ROTO-MIX tumbling action mixes all ingredients, even fragile and flaked, without excessive breakage.


With the ROTO-MIX mixing system, there's less grinding of flaked and high moisture grain, pellets or other ingredients so you'll have less fines in the bunk which means less wasted feed…giving you the most for your feed dollars.


Our unique ability to process baled hay as you need it results in less wind shrinkage when loading and processing. You'll get the most out of your feed ingredients.

Supplemental Flexibility

The thorough mix provided by ROTO-MIX eliminates unpleasant tastes associated with certain supplements, allowing you more options when choosing feed supplements.

Fresh Fluff

This means big nutritional advantages for lower cost of gain or increased milk production. ROTO-MIX consistently produces premium quality feed by lifting the ingredients past the lower auger's wedge point, resulting in a fresher, fluffier ration that insures increased consumption.

More Leaf


The gentle tumbling action with the ROTO-MIX system mixes fragile ingredients, such as hay leaves, flakes, and high-moisture grain, without causing excessive damage. More leaf in the mix means more protein to your herd.

Total Mixed Rations

Our thorough mixing action eliminates dead spots and corner pile-up giving you a consistent balance of nutrients from the first pound of feed to the last.

Fresh Cut

The ROTO-MIX Hay Processor keeps the hay out of the mixing chamber until the knives on the top auger cut…not beat…the hay. The result is hay, with leaves intact, cut to the proper length, resulting in fewer incidents of acidosis.



Complete heavy-duty drive assembly runs in an enclosed oil bath. Extra heavy-duty drive available on select models.

Hay Processor Photo

Hay Processor

The Hay Processor keeps large chunks of hay out of the mixing chamber until processed by the knives on the top auger.

Trailer Frame

Trailer Frame

Heavy-duty tubular trailer frame ensures long life and maximum scale accuracy. Single pole tongue allows the tightest turning radius possible.

Convenient PTO Storage

Convenient PTO Storage

Door, Spout and Maganets

Door, Spout, Magnets

To control feed flow, the variable discharge door is hydraulically operated and can be opened or closed with the mixer running. Wide gravity discharge spout has no moving parts. Optional magnets in spout trap foreign metal before it reaches the feed bunk.

Rear Doors

Rear Doors

Easy access rear doors with single point latches.

Tongue and Hitch clevis

Tongue and Hitch Clevis

Adjustable hitch clevis allows an operator to level mixer with most tractors to maximize mixer efficiency.



The patented rotor lifts feed up to the side augers that move the feed from end-to-end for thorough mixing. The lifting action of the rotor eliminates wedging of the hay or long cut feeds under the lower auger. Patented tumbling design allows easier pulling mixer action, reducing the load on the PTO, drive line and transmission.

Grease Bank

Grease Bank

The single point grease bank allows easy access to main lubrication points from the ground.



Extra-heavy, small diameter wall auger tubes give maximum life with less maintenance. Hay knives are hard surfaced to provide a self-sharpening effect; thereby, cutting the hay to the proper length while giving the knives an extended life.

Floating Lower Auger

Floating Lower Auger

Floating lower auger available with hay processor option relieves pressure when wet or grassy chunks of hay are inadvertently loaded into the mixer.

Flanged Double Flighted Top Auger

Flanged, Double Flighted Top Auger

Flanged rotor and augers allow for easy removal. Patented double flighted top auger keeps large chunks of hay out of the mixing chamber until processed.

Bottom Auger with Knives

Spline Jack Shaft

Optional 10 or 12 Gauge Liners


Illustration Specifications Drawings

Ref. Dimensions, Weight, Capacity 274-12B 354-12B 414-14B
  Weight–Stationary–Less Motor, lb. (kg) 7,150 (3,243.2) 8,540 (3,873.7) 9,900 (4,490.5)
  Weight–Truck Unit–Installed, lb. (kg) 7,720 (3,501.7) 8,940 (4,055.1) 10,340 (4,690.1)
  Weight–Trailer with Tires, lb. (kg) 8,060 (3,655.9) 9,640 (4,372.6) 11,040 (5,007.6)
  Weight–Hay Processor, lb. (kg) 680 (308.4) 680 (308.4) 720 (326.6)
  Rotor Diameter, in. (cm) 54 (137) 60 (152) 60 (152)
  Inside Length, in. (cm) 144 (366) 144 (366) 168 (427)
  Inside Width, in. (cm) 80½ (204) 92 (234) 92 (234)
A Overall Length–Mixer Only, in. (cm) 163½ (415) 163½ (415) 187½ (476)
G Overall Width–Mixer Only, in. (cm) 87½ (222) 100½ (255) 100½ (255)
F Overall Width–Spout Up, in. (cm) 90 (229) 102 (259) 102 (259)
E Overall Length including Trailer, in. (cm) 216 (549) 221 (561) 242 (615)
E Overall Length–Stationary Drive, in. (cm) 175 (445) 175 (445) 198 (503)
H Height of Mixer–Base to Top, in. (cm) 59 (150) 65 (165) 65 (165)
  Height of Mixer–Oil Bath Drive, in. (cm) 65½ (166) 71½ (182) 71½ (182)
H Height on Trailer–Standard Tires, in. (cm) ‡ 88 (224) 96 (244) 96 (244)
H Height on 36/40" Truck Frame, in. (cm) 101 (257) 36 (91.5) 106 (269) 36 (91.5) 106 (269) 36 (91.5)
H Height on Stationary Scale Frame, in. (cm) 69¾ (177) 78 (198) 78 (198)
  Spout Width–Truck and Trailer, in. (cm) 35 (89) 35 (89) * 47 (119.4) *
  Discharge Frame Width–Stationary, in. (cm) † 22 3/8 (57) 34 3/8 (87) * 343⁄8 (87) *
D Truck Cab to Axle, in. (cm) 108 (274) 108 (274) 120 (305)
  Capacity, Struct Level, cu. ft. (m3) 315 (8.91) 400 (11.32) 460 (13.02)
  Mixing Capacity, cu. ft. (m3) 270 (7.64) 350 (9.91) 410 (11.60)
  Mixing Capacity, bushels (liters) 216 (7,612) 280 (9,867) 328 (11,558)
  Maximum Heavy Ration, lb. (kg) 8,100 (3,674.2) 10,500 (4,762.8) 11,500 (5,216.4)
  Tub Bottom, in. (cm) * 3/8 (0.9525) 3/8 (0.9525) 3/8 (0.9525)
  Auger Bottom, in. (cm) * 3/8 (0.9525) 3/8 (0.9525) 3/8 (0.9525)
  Ends, in. (cm) 7 Ga. (0.4547) 7 Ga. (0.4547) 7 Ga. (0.4547)
  Upper Sides 10 Ga. (0.3404) 10 Ga. (0.3404) 10 Ga. (0.3404)
  Top Auger Flight OD, in. (cm) * 3/8 x 16 (0.952 x 41) 3/8 x 20 (0.952 x 51) 3/8 x 20 (0.952 x 51)
  Lower Auger Flight OD, in. (cm) * 3/8 x 16 (0.952 x 41) ½ x 20 (1.27 x 51) ½ x 20 (1.27 x 51)
  Auger Drive—Roller Chain * #60,80,100 #60,80,100 #60, 80, 100HT
  Rotor Drive—Roller Chain #100 #100 #100HT
  Top Auger Drive Shaft, in. (cm) 2½ (6.35) 2½ (6.35) 2½ (6.35)
  Lower Auger Drive Shaft, in. (cm) 3 (7.62) 3 (7.62) 3 (7.62)
  Rotor Drive Shaft, in. (cm) 3½ (8.89) 3½ (8.89) 3½ (8.89)
  Stationary—Electric (Hay Processor) Horsepower (kilowatts) 20 (14.92) 25 (18.65) 30 (22.38)
  Stationary—Electric (Standard) Horsepower (kilowatts) 15 (11.19) 20 (14.92) 25 (18.65)
  Recommended PTO Horsepower (kilowatts) 50 (37.28) 55 (41.01) 60 (44.74)

* Other Options Available
† Special door sizes and locations available for all stationary mixers
‡ Tire sizes may vary height.
All dimensions and specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.
Weights listed with most common option packages excluding hay processors and folding conveyors.

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