Models 540-14XD, 620-16XD truck, trailer or stationary

Xtra Duty Mixer Brochure PDF

Stronger, Longer Lasting, Less Maintenance.

Roto-Mix 620-16XD Xtra Duty Mixer

Optional Hay Processor

Staggered rotor Option

3 Bar Option

5 Bar Option

Optional Hay Processor processes and distributes the long stemmed material into mix without chopping or crushing.

Staggered Rotor option is ideal for feeding rations that require wet distillers grains.

3-Bar option allows higher hay inclusion rates while retaining more leaves and particle length. Also an excellent choice for higher roughage dairy and background rations.

5-Bar option is recommended for rations with moderate amounts of hay or heavier rations with smaller inclusion rates of long stemmed hay.

Roto-Mix is raising the feed mixer standards with their new Xtra Duty 540‑14 and 620‑16 Commercial Feed Mixers.

Loaded with new design features and benefits, the Xtra Duty mixers are stronger, longer lasting and even more maintenance free.

  • Maintenance free design Nyloil® bearing
  • New heavy-duty rotor assembly
  • Redesigned oil bath
  • Improved drive system

Depending on your feeding program, Roto‑Mix offers a choice of mixing options for your mixer. Units are available in truck mount, stationary, or trailer.

Rear View 620-16XD

New Features New Benefits
Heavy Duty Rotor Assembly
Increase rotor tube diameter from 8 5/8" to 10 3/4". 50% increase in tube strength. Extended rotor life.
Replaced mechanical rotor bearing with oil impregnated Nyloil® bearing. Maintenance free bearing design, superior lubrication, long life and smooth performance.
Redesigned Oil Bath
Larger, relocated lower oil bath access door. Improved access to input shaft sprocket and bearing.
One piece front end sheet and rear oil bath end sheet. Less welding required. Reduces incidence of rust along weld seam for better appearance.
Relocated rotor bracing. Eliminates cracking and deformation of oil bath sidewalls.
Improved Discharge
Spout lift cylinder relocated from auger tube to door frame. Prevents spout from going over center. Extended cylinder life. Reduced maintenance.
Optional 3" raised discharge height. Better clearance to bunk, reduced damage from hitting bunk.
Optional 12v self-contained hydraulic system for discharge door and spout (truck models only). Easier serviceability. Allows operation of door and spout when mixer is not running.
Improved Drive System
UST RS chain standard on all models, half links eliminated. Optional Extra Heavy Drive includes UST Super High Test (HT) chain. The complete chains are up to 30% stronger. Quieter operation.
Optional Electronic Overspeed (EOC) PTO. Eliminates danger of high RPM starts which can damage power train.
New quick-change machined sprocket hubs. Easier to change sprockets, relative output speeds.
Improved location of drive chain spring tensioners. Improved accessibility and function. Easier maintenance.
Redesigned drop-in jack shaft. Major diameter fit spline. Better serviceability, reduced shaft wear and longer life. Jack shaft sprockets located with snap ring, results in reduced maintenance and improved chain alignment.
Exterior Features
Recessed taillights in rear bumper (truck models only). Reduced breakage of taillights. Improved appearance.
Access ladder moved from left side rear to right side front. Eliminates damage from hitting bunks.
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